Price: $3.00 (8.4 oz can) // $15.00 (6-pack) Free Shipping  Description: In an effort to cure the increasing prevalence of sluggish behavior, mental fatigue and wandering attention, the theoretical team at Wettek has engineered a beneficial supplement – B0712. The supplement creates a behavioral shift to a more energetic and focused state of being.  B0712 comes natively as a solid, but we have been able to synthesize it into liquid form for human trials. Due to the costs and lack of government financing for developing this revolutionary supplement, we ask that you pay a nominal fee to be a part of the test group.  The trial kit comes as a single 12 fluid oz serving or a six pack. Please sign in here for your B0712 sample today. Your participation will lead to a better future for us all.  Nutrition facts: Organic Sustained Energy Rich in Antioxidants 1000% RDA Vitamin C 100% Vegan 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Experience Increased Energy Packed with nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants