Camera Movement Tutorial: How To Create Emotion

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Published on March 17, 2015 by Admin

Jay P Morgan over at the slanted lens gives really solid insight into why one might use the camera. Note: There are other ways of creating the movement rather than the pro gear that he’s using here. We’ll post some options on that in the future.

“Moving the camera helps create different emotions in a scene. We see it all of the time in the films we watch. A camera slowly sweeping around a scene will give it an epic feeling, where as a shaky hand held camera shooting the same scene can create a feeling of uncertainty and danger. Camera movement can add or detract from the emotion the director wants to communicate. Camera movement should emphasize the emotion we want to see in the scene. When the camera moves it should move in relationship to someone or something and create an emotion that supports the story. Our talent William Rubio is dressed up as a 1920’s gangster. Let’s see how we can work with him to create different emotions with camera movement. Keep those cameras rolling and keep of clickn’.”

—– Jay P Morgan


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